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ELEGANT 72″ W Frameless Sliding Shower Door Stainless Steel , 3/8″ Heavy Tempered Glass, Brushed Nickel Finish

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  • Fully High-quality stainless steel resists rusting and corrosion resistant
  • ANSI certified clear tempered glass

ELEGANT 72″ W Frameless Sliding Shower Door Stainless Steel , 3/8″ Heavy Tempered Glass, Brushed Nickel Finish


  • Item Size: 72 In. width, 79 In. height, Moving Glass:32 5/8 In, Small Fixed Glass:13 3/8 In, Big Fixed Glass:29 3/8In.,Door Walk-in:20-24In.,Brushed Nickel Finish.
  • Width adjustment fit: from 68″ to 72″ by cutting top & bottom rail track to fit your size.
  • Material: 3/8″ (10mm) thick ANSI certified clear tempered glass; Fully High-quality stainless steel resists rusting and corrosion resistant that includes One sliding glass and one Fixed panel.
  • Fully frameless glass design with fully stainless steel, streamline hardware. Fits most standard 72″ shower base. The base not included.
  • IMPORTANT! All measurements should be taken only AFTER walls are finished (tile, back walls, etc.).
  • Limited 5 (five) year manufacturer warranty ,The driver will contact you by phone to confirm the delivery time and also,standing behind our products and guarantee your satisfaction with every order, we offer favourable return policy for our customers, you can get more information from Return Policy

Sliding Door


Brushed Nickel Finish

Glass Type

Clear Glass



  • After reading reviews we were prepared mentally for a potentially difficult task. From the timely delivery to the last moment of installation…flawless!
    Every part and piece was labeled beautifully! Moving the glass doors was perhaps the hardest part along with handling them while measuring. Other than that just being prepared was the key. The door is beautiful, well manufactured, and functions amazingly!!! I had not anticipated this in my remodel budget but I do not regret it for one second…It is incredibly beautiful!!

    • Thank you for your choose us.

  • Have had the matching tub doors installed for a few months, just got around to the shower doors. WOW! The shower doors look even more amazing than the tub. Tub doors took about 3 hours to install, shower more like 2 due to experience. Had one small part that was either incorrect or defective, customer service responded quickly and had the replacement to me within a couple days. Couldn’t be happier! As many others note, the high-end spa-like appearance of these has everyone’s jaws dropping when the see them.

    • Thanks for your information.

  • We are having a complete bathroom remodel and these shower doors were installed just today, we love them! The two guys doing the remodel are very experienced with everything connected to remodelling bathrooms and kitchens, floors and amazing tile work but had never installed shower doors like these before. They kindly took on the challenge. I asked what advice they would give to others on installing these doors, and they recommended reading the instructions thoroughly before you start the installation, and again step by step. And measure and re measure everything! It did take them all day and they estimate that if they had to instal these same shower doors, they could probably cut the time in half with the experience gained today. The shower doors really look beautiful and they glide so easily. So very happy and pleased with them! Can’t wait for our remodel to be completed. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy these shower doors again!

  • High quality product with very well machined steel parts (we got the brushed stainless steel version); great value IMO. Installs best if walls and shower are plumb; but there are options through third party vendors to deal with at least the stationary glass / wall interface if just a little off plumb. Instructions are straightforward and relatively easy to follow if even slightly ‘home improvement able.’ The weight of the glass sheets is the most difficult consideration when installing (you’ll VERY likely need two people at a number of points in the installation) as others have said. Very pleased with this product!

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