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ELEGANT 3/8″ Frameless Glass Shower Doors Bottom Seal Sweep Drip Rail-36″ Length A309D5-36


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  • Fit 3/8″-10mm frameless heavey duty shower door seal
  • 36″ precuts
  • Transparent
  • Do not service custom size cut, you can cut self when received, thank you!
  • We strongly suggest you order more than one. These sweeps and seals are a wear item that normally get replaced every year and such a lower price will not last too long!
  • Or different sizes:1/4″ 3/8″ 28″ 36″
Weight7.0 lbs
  • Snug fit and functions as intended. I’ve only had it on for about 1 month so time will tell how long it lasts

  • good design with the arched side so water runs off away from the track (instead of running down inside the track where water and deposits collect). it also has a rubber wiper that clings to the glass so water doesn’t go into the track. Easy to cut to size and install. Would purchase again.

  • Works well and fits as expected. The seal on the bottom works well, even though my shower door provides very little clearance. Also, I like that there is a small gap for water to evaporate.

  • Exactly what we’d been searching everywhere for; our shower door was missing the bottom seal and is frameless glass just like the one in the product image. The first one arrived bent and mangled from shipping, and the company sent a second one out right away. It seals tightly and stopped the flood we had every time we used the shower previously. Will buy again if we ever need a replacement!

  • It is a good product, had some difficulties cutting to the size of my door. Overall – it met my objectives.

  • Worked perfectly. Fit was great and sealed well with door shut.

  • Buyed in Halloween, late comment, this thing is very practical, satisfied.

  • Fits well. Very satisfied

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