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Delivery & Shipment

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We realise that arranging delivery of Bathrooms into your home isn’t as straightforward as the postman dropping a parcel through your letterbox! So we’ve prepared this guide to make sure that your delivery goes as smoothly as possible. Please take a few moments to read it carefully, and contact us if you have any concerns.

Being Ready For Delivery

After you place an order we’ll send you an email with an Estimated Delivery; however, the actual delivery will be confirmed via email or/and a phone call. Our courier will contact you to arrange delivery. It is vital that you provide us with a phone number (mobile number is the best) when you place an order so our driver can get in touch with you. You need to be at the delivery address to accept, sign for, and inspect the goods when we arrive. Be warned, our delivery drivers are early birds!

Is your property difficult to find?

These are some of the main reasons why deliveries don’t go to plan. Think about whether any of these apply to you and if you think they do or you’re not too sure, then don’t hesitate to give us a call.
our property above ground floor? Our deliveries are made by one man only (to keep our prices as low as possible), so we offer only a kerb side delivery. Please do not ask our driver to deliver your goods into your property or upstairs into your bathroom as they are not insured to do so. Also, many of our shower enclosures and shower trays are bulky and heavy; hence a kerb side delivery, to avoid any damage to your property. Also, we do not allow customers to assist our drivers with delivery. Yes, we know; it’s health and safety gone mad.
If there are access difficulties which prevent our driver from delivering the goods in front of your property, then you can always request that we drop the items to your neighbour/ friend/ relative etc. (with an easy access), or in front of a garage, for you to take inside yourself at your own convenience.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Despite our best efforts, occasionally there will be extraordinary circumstances which prevent us from turning up on time with your goods.
Things such as traffic accidents, extreme weather, vehicle breakdowns or just plain old human error might prevent us from getting the right goods to you, undamaged and on time.
This is why we strongly advise our customers not to book bathroom fitters until the goods are in your possession and you’ve inspected them.